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CanuteTheGreat = About Me

My name is Ronald Burnett Farrer

I am a part-time graduate student in the College of Computing and Engineering at Nova Southeastern University majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Artifical Intelligence.

I work full-time at Command Prompt, Inc. as a SysAdmin, Jr. DBA, and Devloper (basically doing whatever is needed to get the job done.)

My general interests are in Computer Science, history, vikings, pirates, knights, gadgets, science (general), firearms, boating, anything to do with the water really, outdoor exploring, and traveling.

I have been using PCs since the late 1980s and UNIX/*BSD-like systems since the early 1990s, Linux since late 1993/early 1994, and I am a former Debian Developer (1999-2006.) Some of my interests include virtual machines, networking, security, cryptography, programming, distributed and parallel computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, and finding new ways to automate mundane tasks. I am specifically interested in Linux, PostgreSQL, distcc, ccache, nmap - actually there are too many open source projects to name. In my spare time, I like to fly drones, find new uses for Raspberry Pi boards, find buried "treasure" with my metal detector, software development, and spend time with my family.


Question: Why CanuteTheGreat?

Answer: Canute/Knut/Cnut was one of the last viking kings. He lived from 990 to 1035 and at his death he was king of Norway, Denmark, and England. You can read more about him on Wikipedia. The English spelling "Canute" is less common so I went with it. Additionally, one of my grandparents was Norwegian so it felt good to pick something from that realm.

Q: Are you a hacker?

A: No, I have cough drops!

Q: Are you for hire?

A: Only if it does not conflict with my day job and/or violate the non-compete clause!

Q: How old are you?

A: Old enough to know some rocks by their first names, but young enough to still kick your ass!

Q: What is your favorite operating system?

A: First let me say that all operating systems suck, but Linux-based ones suck less! So in the end I will pick a Linux-based one!

Q: What Linux distribution do you use?

A: Pretty much all of the major ones and some of the minor ones!

Q: What is your favorite Linux distribution?

A: Gentoo!